Super-Softie Kit, CMIT

Product Code: 033208

Aerodynamic and durable; the Super-Softie Kit, CMIT slip-on microphone windshield and shockmounting system provides superior performance and unparalleled durability for your Schoeps CMIT. Also suitable for other shotgun microphones between 19 and 25mm in diameter.

Main Benefits:

  • Ideal for boom-pole use and also comes with a shoe adaptor for easy attachment to a camera hot/cold shoe.

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Designed and optimised for key industry microphones, the Perfect for range incorporates industry-leading Rycote technologies that work with your microphone – straight out of the box.

We designed the Perfect for range for exceptional value without compromising on quality. Manufactured to the highest possible Rycote standards expected by professionals worldwide.

For more information: http://rycote.com/microphone-windshield-shock-mount/perfect-for-range/

Length: 210mm
Max diameter: 115mm
Min diameter: 70mm

Height: 115mm
Length: 85mm
Width: 70mm


Shipping weight: 300g
Super-Softie only: 90g
Multimount (w/cold shoe adaptor): 95g
Kit: 185g

All weights/dimensions approximate.

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Super-Softie Kit, CMIT
Lyre Multimount
Camera / shoe adaptor
Rycote Sticker

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Super-Softie Kit, CMIT

Perfect for the beautifully balanced SCHOEPS CMIT 5.

Product Code: 033208