Duck Raincover AG

Product Code: 214123

Suitable for Windshield AG Kit

Main Benefits:

  • Weatherproof cover for mono and stereo windshields
  • Diffuses rain droplets sound
  • Minimises rain noise when recording in wet weather conditions

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Protect your Modular Windshield Kit from the bad weather with the Rycote Duck Rain Cover!
Now also available in a Stereo format, the Rycote Duck is the indispensible accessory to record in wet weather conditions.
The Duck Cover is made of open cell foam that diffuses rain droplets' sound, with a weatherproof backover spaced away from the windshield to minimise rain noise.

Duck Raincover

Duck Raincover from Rycote on Vimeo.

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Duck Raincover AG

Suitable for Windshield AG Kit

Product Code: 214123