20mm BBG Windshield

Product Code: 011001

Maximum wind-noise protection in a compact spherical package

Suitable for microphones with a 19 to 20mm shank diameter

Main Benefits:

  • Great windshielding, in a smaller package
  • Perfect for hand-held operations and interviews
  • Optional Windjammer available for windiest conditions

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Made to offer the wind attenuation properties of a full sized windshield in a much smaller package, the BBG Windshields are designed to slip onto the body of the microphone. This allows the microphone to be hand-held or shock-mounted with a Lyre suspension.

Perfect for short microphones, the BBG Windshield are suitable for low-profile boom applications as well as for use in hand-held operations and interviews. They are widely used for microphones with bulbous ends and ORTF microphone pairs, where the maximum head diameter is 80 mm.

The windshield is constructed of the same material as the full size modular windshields, but rather than clipping to a microphone suspension, the Windshield is mounted directly on the microphone, by a grommet gripping the microphone body. The microphone is pushed through the grommet, to completely enclose the microphone capsule.

The Windshield consists of two halves, which can be separated, to fit microphones with a ball-head or tapered body from inside the windshield. For additional wind protection a furry Windjammer cover is available.
Windshield Height: 100mm
Windshield Length: 100mm

Grommet Internal Diameter: 20mm

Maximum wind-noise attenuation: 30dB

Finding the correct Baby Ball Gag will depend mainly on the diameter of the microphone shank. The size of the Baby Ball Gag relates to the diameter of the microphone body, i.e. a 20 mm Baby Ball Gag will fit a microphone with a 20 mm diameter shank. The microphone is fitted through a neoprene grommet into the Ball Gag, and must be central for the best wind protection. Please note the maximum diameter of the head is 80 mm.

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1 x 20mm BBG Windshield
Product Code: 011001
Suitable for microphones with a 19 to 20mm shank diameter

BBG Windshield & Windjammer

BBG Windshield + Windjammer from Rycote on Vimeo.

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20mm BBG Windshield

Suitable for microphones with a 19 to 20mm shank diameter

Product Code: 011001

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