Grey Undercovers

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Suitable for Lavalier Mics

Main Benefits:

  • Mount Lavalier mics silently under clothing for on-camera interviews

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Undercovers have been specifically designed for use with Lavalier mics under clothing.

Using Stickies to affix the microphone, a soft fabric disc is then added on top to minimise the sounds of clothing rustle and low wind noise.

Undercover Packs contain Stickies and fabric discs, and are available in white, grey and black colours.

Dimensions Width: 20 mm Length: 25 mm Suitable for Microphone Diameters: 4.5 mm Microphone Length (up to): 15 mm Maximum Wind-noise Attenuation: 10 dB

Stickies, Overcovers & Undercovers

Stickies, Overcovers & Undercovers from Rycote on Vimeo.

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Lavalier Mics Solutions

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Lavalier Mic Solutions (update 08_14)

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Product Code(s)

Grey Undercover Pack - 30 uses

Suitable for Lavalier Mics (30 uses)

Product Code: 065102

25 x Grey Undercover Packs - 30 uses

Suitable for Lavalier Mics (30 uses)

Product Code: 065108

Pack of 100 Grey Undercovers (incl. 100 x stickies) - 100 uses

Suitable for Lavalier Mics (incl. 100 x stickies - 100)

Product Code: 065105