Core Sound TetraMic

Microphone Description

Brand: Core Sound
Model: TetraMic

For more information on Rycote's products compatible with the Tetramic, please contact us directly at Tech_Support@rycote.com.

Core Sound is pleased to offer its groundbreaking TetraMic, the first portable, single point, stereo & surround sound Ambisonic soundfield microphone to be available for under $1000 (TetraMic alone), or under $1350 fully configured for most multi-track recorders and audio interfaces. Individually calibrated, each TetraMic is the finest performing microphone of its type in the world. Compare its performance to similar soundfield microphones selling for $3000 or more and you'll be quite amazed.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 3 ounces (85 grams)
Length: 5-1/16-inch (12.9 cm)
Min Diameter: 1/2-inch (12.5 mm)

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