Schoeps CMIT 5 / CCM 8

Microphone Description

Brand: Schoeps
Model: CMIT 5 / CCM 8

The Schoeps Mid Side combinations of the shotgun microphone CMIT 5 and the bi-directional CCM 8.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 89
Length: 251mm

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Other Compatible Products

Connboxes & Cables


Connbox CB8 (LEMO/XLR-3F Detachable)

Suitable for Schoeps CMIT-5u + CCM M/S stereo pair.

Product: 016908

Lyre and Lyre Upgrades

Lyre for Stereo Suspension

Back-to-Back Clips

Universal back to back clips for piggy backing round and slab sided microphones between 19 and 25mm diameter.

Product: 048488